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Itineraries of the Region Calabria


In Calabria between sea and great wines
An itinerary that goes all over in Calabria, allowing to visit places rich in history and culture, to appreciate the crystal clear sea, to enjoy the best of wine and food of an extraordinary region. We are in the birthplace of Cirò, one of the Italian historical vines of great potentials. Let's start from Verbicaro to cross Spezzano Albanese, Ciro Marina, Marina di Strongoli and Bella di Lamezia Terme before stopping at the tip of the boot, in Gallico.


Let's change route and begin to move towards the Ionian Sea, but before reaching its beautiful coastline we stop at Spezzano Albanese, which takes its name from the origins of the hosted community, whose first members arrived here fleeing persecution by the Turks in sixteenth century. Worth a visit the archaeological site of Torre Mordillo, with the remains of the necropolis. Not far away another site, Torre Scribla, who houses military remains of a Norman settlement: such as a fortress with two watch towers. In the city also worth a visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace.
Wineries to visit:
Az. Agr. Piana di Sibari srl 
Contrada Stragolia - 87019 SPEZZANO ALBANESE - Tel: +39 0983 887099 cell.+39 368 7446073 Fax: +39 0983 887099 Web: Email:
The vineyards (carried out using organic farming methods) extend to over 110 meters above sea level, on the green hills that glide gently down to the Ionian Sea. The company is facing the Pianura di Sibari, whose name comes from the mythical Greek city of Sybaris, the excessive sophistication and laxity of morals of its population became legendary. The ancient winemaking tradition of the hills, overlooking the Pianura di Sibari dating back to Sybaris civilization, is based on the land and the favorable climate particularity. Here, the Vine finds an optimal habitat that allows the production of great quality wines. The vineyards (with exposure to South East) extend over the hills to the north of Spezzano Albanese between the confluence of the Rivers Esaro and Sibari or Coscile, on Corigliano Calabro town border. The landscape consists of ancient terraces with red clay, sandy clay and with pebbles, evolved from Pleistocene sediments. The Pianura di Sibari is known not only for historical events or for the refinement and customs of its population but also for the mellowness of the ground which used to produce a lot of high quality wine grapes, enough to justify a specific and surprising transportation systems.
Some explorations, carried out in 1928 by the archaeologist Galli, on behalf of the Superintendent of Antiquities, brought to light, on the heights of the Serra Pollinaria (nearby Vine "Stragolia") interesting farms ruins from Roman times with brick oil and wine pipelines that reached the sea, following an agricultural-industrial tradition dating from (according to Greek texts) the ancient and glorious Sybaris. Dates back over two thousand years then, the marketing of wines of Denomination of Origin at the time, as the Sibaris and others particularly appreciated in the Mediterranean countries. Vineyard "Stragolia" Vines , from which its name to the wine, in middle age, are grown using spurred cordon with sixth plant mt. 2.20 x 0.90. During the harvest, made after a careful monitoring, the grapes are accurately selected and immediately vinified with the company modern facilities. Winery visits: daily by reservation

We finally arrive at the Ionian Sea, namely in Cirò Marina, with its eight kilometers of coastline covered by golden sand. The vineyards that surround it are the background to several points of great touristic interest. Let's start with Sabatini Castle, which overlooks the town and has its origins in the fifth century, with its beautiful four corner towers. We then move to Saracen Markets located on the sand limb of Punta Alice, where up to 1818 took place the great market able to attract people even from the Campania region. Currently, these beautiful constructions located in a place full of charm are home to exhibitions and cultural events throughout the year, as in the theater festival Cirò Art. The next stop is the watchtowers that once had the duty of protecting the coast from the Arab and Turkish invasions, of this complex still remain the Old tower and the New Tower. After a walk through the town, it's time to dedicate a visit to a winery of the area.
Wineries to visit:
AZ. Vitivinicola Francesco Malena
SS 106 88811- Cirò Marina
Tel: +39 0962 31758 
Webwww.malena .it


Let's go back to the Tyrrhenian Sea, and we stop in Lamezia Terme leaving from Corso Numistrano  for our visit to the city center. Outside the town we go to see the Norman castle that is in the village of Nicastro, the ruins of the Benedictine Abbey and the ruins of Terina, the city of Greek origin,  the bastion of Malta and, finally, the spa of Caronte, already known in Roman times.

Wineries to visit:
Cantine Statti
Tenuta Lenti – Loc. BELLA DI LAMEZIA TERME 88046 - Tel: +39 0968 456138 Fax: +39 0968 453816 Email:

Five hundred hectares of land all regrouped in the rural land in Lamezia among flatness, mountain and sea in the area called "two seas", which, due to its proximity to the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea, enjoys a particularly favorable climate. Here stands the company Statti that, in addition to the historic wine production, since 1990 has turned its attention to the enhancement of the oil production. The selected grapes Gaglioppo, Greco nero and Nerello Mascalese represent a hymn to the land and an invitation to discover its extraordinary peculiarities. Winery visits: by appointment

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