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Itineraries of the Region Umbria


From Perugia to Trasimeno Lake:  The itinerary starts on the outskirts of Perugia, continues northward reaching Umbertide before finishing near Trasimeno Lake.
PERUGIA: By car from the North: Motorway A1, exit Val di Chiana, direction Perugia – Rome. From the south: A1 motorway, exit Orte, direction Perugia.
Perugia offers its visitors an intact atmosphere of other times between the medieval churches, the wonders of Perugino, the magic of IV Novembre square, the splendid Fontana Maggiore, the Palazzo dei Priori, the Cathedral and the National Gallery of Umbria. Then the flavors of the best culinary tradition. Of Etruscan origin, the city was built from the sixth century BC on the hills of Porta Sole and Landone, from which dominates the valley of the Tiber River. From the third century BC was under the influence of Rome and in the first century BC it obtained the citizenship. In the Middle Ages Perugia became a free city, reaching in fourteenth century the domain of the surrounding area. Under the control of the Church acquired independence since 1540 with the Risorgimento, period in which urban development took place in the plains, leaving untouched the historic old town and its monuments. Walking Corso Vannucci, the main street of Perugia, full of shops and nice buildings, we reach the heart of the city: IV Novembre Square, built on the foundations of the Etruscan town and the Roman forum later. At the center the Fontana Maggiore (1275-78) designed by Niccolo and Giovanni Pisano, is the symbol of Perugia, with two polygonal marble basins entirely decorated with reliefs depicting the months of the year, zodiac signs, heraldic crests, the liberal arts and Aesop's fables alongside Bible's episodes. The Cathedral, that is its background, was begun in the tenth century and rebuilt in the XIV and XV century by Fra Bevignate: note the pulpit's mosaic on the right of the portal, from which  Bernardino of Siena used to preach.  In the interior there are masterpieces by Luca Signorelli and, in the apse, a fifteenth century choir carved by Giuliano da Maiano. The nearby Palazzo dei Priori, a wonderful example of medieval architecture, built between 1290 and 1440 in Gothic style, houses the Sala dei Notari (late thirteenth century) with fifteenth century frescoes, wooden stalls and bar from sixteenth century, and the College of merchandise, with the sala dell'Udienza entirely lined with fifteenth century wood panels. The palace is home to the Town Hall and the National Gallery of Umbria, to see for the valuable and wide collection of Umbrian art masterpieces from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century. Next to Palazzo dei Priori is the Collegio del Cambio, an ancient seat of the moneychangers corporation, with the magnificent Exchange room frescoed by Perugino. Walking once again Corso Vannucci, past Piazza della Repubblica we arrive in Piazza Italia where  starts the underground city of the sixteenth century Rocca Paolina, work of Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane, offers the visitor a wonderful fascinating underground tour. Its ruins, bare and basic but large, show what remains of the ancient medieval houses, streets, including Bagliona, main axis of the quarter, the well and water tanks, two gunboats and the fortress patrol boats rooms, the remains of the Etruscan Porta Marzia (III century BC) and of the houses of Baglioni family, owners of the place and  city rulers until its surrender to the papal troops in 1540, that took place after the Salt War.  Other notable buildings are the one of the Capitano del popolo, from the fifteenth century, the Old University Building and Palazzo Gallenga Stuart, Baroque, site of today's University for Foreigners. Among the churches we indicate the one of St. Angelo, the oldest, with a circular plan , built between the fifth and sixth centuries, with a Gothic portal of the fourteenth century and Corinthian capitals on the inside columns; the Basilica of San Domenico from fourteenth century but rebuilt in the seventeenth century, with a glass window of Nardo Brothers and frescoes attributed to Taddeo di Bartolo. The Oratory of San Bernardino is instead of the Renaissance period: its polychrome facade with beautiful bas-reliefs by Agostino di Duccio from 1457-61. Archeology lovers should visit the National Archaeological Museum, in the former convent of San Domenico, with collections ranging from Paleolithic to Prehistoric, Etruscan and Roman times.
Wineries to visitAgricola Goretti Produttori Vini 
Strada del Pino, 4 , Loc. Pila 06070 PILA - (PG) Tel: +39 075 607316 Fax: +39 075 6079187 Web
 Founded in Pila, a few miles from Perugia, the company is an example of how tradition and innovation can coexist with respect for nature and love for the land. The one of wine, in fact, more than an activity, is a true family passion passed down from generation to generation and now in the wise hands of Stefano and Gianluca Goretti brothers. The great attention to the origins and its history, finally led to the restoration of the owned fourteenth-century tower in a multipurpose complex with wine bars, tasting rooms, kitchens and bedrooms for a warm and comfortable welcome. 
Visits from Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 1.00 pm / 3.00 – 7.00 pm; Saturday, 8.30 am – 1.00 pm, preferably by appointment.
Az. Agricola Chiorri di Monica Mariotti 
Via Todi, 100 , Loc. Sant'Enea 06070 PERUGIA - (PG) Tel: +39 075 607141 Fax: +39 075 607141
Email  Web
 Hilly Company located along the Tuderte road, just 11 km from the historical center of Perugia. The property overlooks a terrace which you can admire the beautiful view of the Umbrian valley and the surrounding medieval towns from: Perugia, Assisi, Deruta and Todi. Mariotti family for several generations has dedicated themselves to the care of the vineyards, and the various phases of production, combining tradition, experience and technology to produce wines of excellent quality. It also includes a new building for wines direct sale and for their pleasant tasting. Visits from Monday to Saturday, 8.00 am- 1.00 pm / 3.00- 7.00 pm, preferably by appointment.
Cantina La Spina 
Loc. SPINA - Via Emilio Alessandrini, 1 06050 Marsciano - (PG) Tel: +39 075.8738120 Fax: +39 075.8738120 Email   Web
 The Winery "Cantina la Spina" is born with the intent to combine the best the ancient local vocation in cultivation of vine with current methods of vinification, as well as to enhance the quality of the wines produced. The owned vineyards are situated on a gentle hillside in Spina, Marsciano territory, near Perugia, on a clay loam texture land, rich in limestone, at an average altitude of 300 meters above sea level with East-West facing. Visits from Monday to Friday from 3.00 to 8.00 pm on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. Holidays by appointment.
Cantina Sasso dei Lupi
Viale Carlo Faina, 18  06055 Marsciano –PG- Tel. +39 075 8749523 Fax. +39 075.8749510 Web PRESENTI SU FACEBOOK : SASSO DEI LUPI
 In September 2008 the General Meeting of the Cantina Sociale Colli Perugini met for the last time, to establish officially the end of this historical reality and greet the birth of the Agricultural Cooperative Company Sasso dei Lupi. Much more than a simple marketing operation, therefore, much more than a renewal of the labels' look, behind this new company there is a strong spirit of innovation, improvement, and a willingness to respect those values that over the years have brought honor to our territory. Wine tours by appointment
Castello di Monte Vibiano Vecchio
Voc.Bocca di Rigo 06072 Mercatello, Marsciano Tel.+39 075 8783001 Fax.+39 075.8783283
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Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, directed by Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, is an ancient estate on Perugia's hills. Produces extra virgin olive oil, fine wines, champagne. It is a world leader in the production of olive oil in small bottles, with a strong specialization in the airline sector. The winery has recently built, works began in 2002 and completed in 2003. Around the Castle stretch about 40 hectares of vineyards. Winery tours by appointment
Umbrian town located in the upper valley of the Tiber River, has a picturesque old center still surrounded by medieval walls along the waterways. The main attractions are the medieval fortress in the village, now used as exhibition center, and churches . Among these, the Collegiate Church of St. Maria della Reggia, with paintings by Pomarancio, the Gothic St. Francis, the church and the museum of Santa Croce with the deposition of Luca Signorelli, the church of Santa Maria from 1486, with a fresco by Pinturicchio.
Wineries to visitCantina Blasi Anna e Mauro Soc.Agr.  
Via Villa Pace-Loc.San Benedetto -06019 Umbertide Tel. +39 075.9413451 Fax. +39 075 9413451
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The winery dates back to 1742 and after a conservative and innovative restructuring, today appears as an example of modernity and history, elegance and practicality where producing quality wines  seems almost a moral obligation. In an effort to consolidate a link with the past, the Blasi Family keeps in its products' logo the name of Bertanzi, in order to meet and satisfy the continuity in this place's  history. Currently, the planted area seems to be 20 hectares in which there are native and international varieties. The vineyards are geometric, harmonic, similar to gardens in which emerges everyday life accuracy. Winery visits by appointment
A few kilometers from Perugia is Magione, a small town near Trasimeno Lake, Umbria. It's the old Pian del Carpine. The current name comes from magione, from the French maison (house), from Latin mansio-onis (monastic community or convent, then home). The patron saint, San Clemente, is celebrated on November 23rd. Do not miss the Fishing Museum, the Torre dei Lombardi and the Palace of the Abbey, historical buildings around the city. Every year, between the second half of July and early August, takes place in St.Feliciano village the feast of Gracchio, competition among fishermen throwing the fishing net .
Wineries to visitAzienda Agricola Pucciarella
Via Case Sparse, Fraz. Villa 06063 MAGIONE Tel. +39 075 8409147 Fax. +39 075- 8409440 
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The Azienda Agricola Pucciarella is spread over 282 hectares in the territories of Magione and Corciano. The vineyards cover 58 hectares of the most suitable and best exposed hilly land. 21 hectares are dedicated to specialized olive groves made in the late 80's. The rest is occupied by woods in the most inaccessible and hilly areas, and in plains by watering arable crops. In 2001 a new winery was built with advanced technological systems, completely underground that houses the department for classic method sparkling wine production and one dedicated to refinement and aging of great value wines in barrels, barriques and tonneaux. Winery visits by appointment
Cantina Terre del Carpine 
Via Formanuova, 87 06063 MAGIONE Tel.+39 075.840298 Fax. +39 075.843744  Web.
 Founded in 1966 then developed with new members' arrival, with new vineyards planting and with the construction of a new structure for vinification and bottling. The wines produced are among the others Chardonnay, Grechetto, Malvasia and Trebbiano. So far the partners have reached a total of 400 and a vines area of 420 hectares: since 1998 have been re-planted about 200 hectares, respecting the local secular traditions. Winery visits from Tuesday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm and from 2.30 to 6.00 pm, preferably by appointment.
Castello di Magione 
Viale Cavalieri di Malta, 31 06063 MAGIONE Tel. +39 075 843547 Fax.+39 075.8478770  Web
The castle of the Knights of Malta in Magione dates back to 1150-1170. Built as hospitium (shelter) for pilgrims traveling to Rome or Jerusalem, underwent through several changes over the centuries. Housed inside the old rooms of the castle, now restored, the winery offers a suggestive image of what turns out to be a good balance between tradition and innovation. The agricultural company Castello di Magione, covers an area of 550 hectares. The vineyards cover an area of 30 hectares and have a great exposure to the sun that promotes good ripening of grapes. Winery visits by appointment
The name of the town Tuoro, probably comes from the shape "torus" which in Latin originally meant bulge, protrusion. In fact the village is situated in a dominant position on a small relief that juts out over the northern plains of Trasimeno Lake. The beautiful and still intact countryside, surrounded to the north by dense woods of oak and holm, provide a peaceful and relaxing space to reach on foot or by bicycle. These paths can enchant history lovers, and the naturalists. Do not miss the church of Santa Maria Maddalena, still church of the town, and the church of St. Agatha, which was destroyed in the fourteenth century, but whose ruins still exist.
Agricola Stefania Mezzetti 
Loc. Casella ,Vernazzano 06069 Tuoro sul Trasimeno -(PG) Tel.+39 0575 678528 Fax+39 0575 679395
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The winery's vineyards stretch for about 10 hectares. Eight hectares of black vine Sangiovese, Cabernet, DOC Merlot, Colli del Trasimeno and DOC Cortona, Syrah while the remaining two are of Grechetto grape and IGT white Trebbiano. Parts of the vineyards are located inside of the farm from which is made IGT Umbria's wine and parts are in Terontola of Cortona where is produced a DOC. The wines are the result of organic farming and a carefully selected harvest. The result from this is a product of high quality, healthy and genuine that goes amazingly together with the typical Italian cuisine, made of strong and intense flavors. Winery visits by appointment

Castiglione del Lago is located on a limestone outcrop that was originally the fourth island of the lake but as a result of water levels lowering and the emergence of an alluvial type plain, finally assumed its current configuration. This fertile plain area , the ancient lake flooded area, is bordered to the west by a series of hills that mark the physical boundary with Tuscany. The modern city has developed away from the medieval old town, perfectly preserved. The old town of Castiglione del Lago, still all included within the medieval walls, is practically divided into two major sections: the eastern half is totally occupied by the Doge's Palace and the Fortress, the western half is the town, whose layout, refers entirely to the number 3. In fact three access gates to the town three main streets, three squares, and even the Keep has only three sides.
Cantine da visitareDuca della Corgna - Cantina del TrasimenoVia Roma, 236 06061 Castiglione del Lago Tel. +39 075.9652493 Fax. +39 075.9525303   
Email   Web
Via Cimbano, 36 -Loc. Vaiano 06061 Castiglione del Lago Tel. e Fax +39 075 9527220 
Madrevite was founded in 2001 by restructuring the family business, owned by the Chiucchiurlottos  for three generations. The company covers about twenty hectares, assembled into one body. The vineyards are supported for six hectares on the hilly ridge, located south-west, in clay and sunny soils. The name Madrevite is copied from an eponymous tool that was used by the ancient Umbrian wine growers to fix the “usciolo” (the little front door of wooden barrels). The object, restored and preserved by the company, now is the link to the past, respect for tradition and the environment, the values that lead Madrevite in his daily activity. Winery visits by appointment
AccommodationsAgricola Goretti Produttori Vini 
Strada del Pino, 4 , Loc. Pila 06070 PILA - (PG) Tel: +39 075 607316 Fax: +39 075 6079187  
Email Web Az. Agricola Chiorri di Monica Mariotti 
Via Todi, 100 , Loc. Sant'Enea 06070 PERUGIA - (PG) Tel: +39 075 607141 Fax: +39 075 607141
Email  Web www.chiorri.itCantina Blasi Anna e Mauro Soc.Agr.   
Via Villa Pace-Loc.San Benedetto -06019 Umbertide Tel. +39 075.9413451 Fax. +39 075 9413451
Email  Web www.cantineblasi.itAgricola Stefania Mezzetti 
Loc. Casella ,Vernazzano 06069 Tuoro sul Trasimeno -(PG) Tel+39 .0575.678528 Fax.+39 0575.679395
DiningAz. Agricola Chiorri di Monica Mariotti 
Via Todi, 100 , Loc. Sant'Enea 06070 PERUGIA - (PG) Tel: +39 075 607141 Fax: +39 075 607141
Email  Web www.chiorri.itCantina La Spina 
Loc. SPINA - Via Emilio Alessandrini, 1 06050 Marsciano - (PG) Tel: +39 075.8738120 Fax: +39 075.8738120 Email   Web www.cantinalaspina.itCantina Blasi Anna e Mauro Soc.Agr.   
Via Villa Pace-Loc.San Benedetto -06019 Umbertide Tel. +39 075.9413451 Fax. +39 075 9413451
Email  Web www.cantineblasi.itAgricola Stefania Mezzetti 
Loc. Casella ,Vernazzano 06069 Tuoro sul Trasimeno -(PG) Tel. +39 0575.678528 Fax. +39 0575.679395
Email   Web www.vinimezzetti.itDuca della Corgna - Cantina del Trasimeno
Via Roma, 236 06061 Castiglione del Lago Tel. +39 075.9652493 Fax. +39 075.9525303   
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The itinerary develops through the most beautiful hills of Umbria, a region known as the green heart of Italy, offering visitors a wide and sunny landscape, with soft horizons, modeled by agriculture has had its great development thanks to the work of the Benedictine monks. The visitor moves to the discovery of villages known by the name, still immersed in the quiet of the past, surrounded by vineyards from which arise the two major Umbria DOCG: Reserve Red Torgiano and Sagrantino of Montefalco. Our itinerary starts from Torgiano , to continue to the discovery of Assisi, Spello, Bevagna and to end in Montefalco.
TORGIANOFrom the E45 highway exit Torgiano San Martino in Campo follow the signs to Torgiano.
Torgiano is placed on a relief at the confluence of the Tiber with the Chiascio and of the wide valleys traversed by the two rivers. The visitor who arrives in Torgiano is struck by the beautiful hills of vineyards that are used to produce historical wines whose quality is favored by the altitude of the medium hill in summer considerable temperature excursions between day and night. The "Castrum Torsciani" was walled newly in 1276, on the ruins of a Roman settlement destroyed by the Goths in the sixth century. Founded by resolution of the Municipality of Perugia it became, thanks to the excellent location and to the fortifications, place of contended refuge during the long battles between the " nobiles and populares" that tore Perugia through the centuries. From this period remains isolated the Bagliona tower from the sixteenth century. In 1540 the city was annexed to the Papal States then, in 1979, was occupied by the French; after Napoleon, a pontifical vice governor took care of its administration until the Unification of Italy. In the seventeenth century Palazzo Graziani Baglioni, to whose inside you can admire the frescoes by Paolo Brizzi, houses the Wine Museum, opened to public that in 1974 was designed and built by Giorgio and Maria Grazia Lungarotti in support of the local wine economy. The Museum houses, in its twenty rooms, archaeological, technical, historical, artistic, ethnographic collections arranged according to museological criteria that make it one of the most significant "multiple" museums. Always at Lungarotti Foundation is due the Oil Museum, housed in a mill of the sixteenth century: ten rooms lead to the discovery of the botanical characteristics and techniques of cultivation and oil extraction. Among the events we remember the National oenological competition Wine of Italy Tasting Desk (November), the review of Author Vessels for New Wine (November), the event Vinarelli in Torgiano, an event that takes place during the period of Ferragosto and combines art and wine, attracting dozens of artists and fans to paint using wine instead of water to dilute colors.
Wineries to visitCantina Giorgio Lungarotti 
 Viale Giorgio Lungarotti 2, 06089 TORGIANO - (PG) Tel: +39 075 988661 Fax: +39 075 9886650 
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The founder was Giorgio Lungarotti, a pioneer of modern Italian oenology, and he was the one who drew Umbria in the world oenological map starting in the early 60s. Today, Giorgio's daughters, Chiara and Teresa Severini Lungarotti, are leading the 250 hectares of vineyards in Torgiano and 20 in Montefalco, and a winery in which the latest technology enhances the deep respect for the family tradition. The products, from the famous Rubesco and the current Sagrantino, to the excellent extra virgin olive oil, are present in 42 countries as the highest expression of their homeland, Umbria. Lungarotti family has also created in Torgiano a unique and outstanding quality touristic, cultural and production system, that combines the good life, art, culture and hospitality through the Wine Museum, the Olive and Olive Oil Museum, the 5-star Le Tre Vaselle Relais and Poggio alle Vigne e Pometo Farmhouse. The articulation of the various companies of the Group makes of it a strong tool to promote the area and service to the consumer through principles and elements of good living. Winery Tours by appointment.
Terre Margaritelli
 Voc.Chiusaccia 06089 Miralduolo di Torgiano Tel +39 075 9889032 Fax +39 075 9889032
Web Email
By the desire to imbue products with the value of the land sincerity, as well as of the passion and imagination that for decades have inspired and distinguished Margaritelli people, was founded a profoundly authentic brand: Terre Margaritelli. The company is spread over 52 hectares of vineyards in one body on a beautiful hill, Miralduolo, located in the heart of Umbria, between Perugia and Assisi in the famous wine area of Torgiano. Today the company produces 4 Umbria IGT wine labels for a total of 50,000 bottles, which represent only the starting point of a major development project. Wine tours by appointment.
Strada dei Vini e dell’ Olio dell’ Umbria- CoordinamentoCorso Vittorio Emanuele II, 25
06089 Torgiano Tel. +39 075 9886037  Fax +39 075 982128
From Torgiano follow the SP403 towards Assisi. Established on a spur of Subasio Mount, overlooking the Valle Umbra, Assisi was a flourishing center of the ancient Umbria. Birthplace of the poet Propertius, it grew from the first century BC on earlier Etruscan settlements, Assisi is situated between two major Roman roads, the Amerina and Flaminia. As evidence of this past we have received the vestiges of several monuments. The most significant Roman architecture's piece is in the Town Hall Square: the Temple of Minerva from the first century BC, rededicated to the Virgin Mary in the Christian era, which preserves the original facade with fluted Corinthian columns. In the space below, below the present roadway, was the forum, community civil and commercial center, which preserves the original flooring and many finds kept in the Civic Museum of the Roman Forum. Other remains are near the fourteenth-century Perlici Gate.  Here a row of houses hides the remains of a Roman amphitheater of the first century AD. Piazza del Comune (TownHall square) evidences the Assisi's appearance of a typical medieval town, is the 'secular' square in the city, the seat of the civil power. Here stands the thirteenth-century Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo with the Civic Tower. The Cathedral of San Rufino was built between 1140 and 1253, when the social transformations in Assisi gave birth to the desire for a new church with a real square. From the square, along Via dei Perlici we arrive at the homonymous gate and continuing along the fourteenth century walls, we can reach the Rocca Maggiore, which offers a magnificent panorama of the valley and the town. Crossing the whole town we reach the Basilica of San Francesco. Commissioned by Pope Gregory IX in 1228, just two years after the death of the saint, was built on a site called "Hill of Hell", because there were carried out death sentences, but since then the name was changed into "Hill of Paradise". Inside, some of the largest medieval paintings: from Giotto's famous frescoes of the "The Life of St. Francis" cycle, to the masterpieces of Cimabue. At the end we recommend to linger at the Basilica of Santa Chiara, visitors will be amazed by the rose window and the pink stone of Mount Subasio flying buttresses.
Wineries to visitBrogal Vini 
Via degli Olmi, 9 , Loc. BASTIA UMBRA 06083 - (PG) Tel: +39 075 8001501 Fax: +39 075 8000935. Web    Email
 The agricultural company 
in Torgiano covers an area of approximately 50 hectares. An old farmhouse, recently restored, it looks like a lighthouse from which the rays of the sun radiate going to soften, all around, the beautiful vineyards planted with palm tree and spurred cordon. However the company in the Montefalco area covers an area of approximately 28 hectares. Here is an ancient monastery that seems to ensure the fertility of the vineyards also grown in spurred cordon and palm tree and whose vines are the precious Sagrantino, Sangiovese and Grechetto. The careful selection of grapes, the care which we follow every step of the winemaking and bottling with respect tradition and, at the same time, using the most advanced technologies we can make high quality products; expert hands' care, the great generosity of nature and experience in the wine industry allow us to offer superb products. Winery visits by reservation.
Cantine Bettona
Via Assisi, 81 – 06084 Bettona (Pg) Tel +39 075 9885048 Fax +39 075 9885070
Web: www.cantine E-mail:
 The company, founded in 1960, brings together work and passion of the wine producers of Bettona town and surrounding areas. Our members give highly selected grapes, from vineyards grown in the best positions on the hillside. The excellent wine production is assured by a careful process of winemaking that even using the latest technologies do not forget the dictates of the traditional processing. The art of the vine and wine is inextricably connected to our territory by natural vocation and centuries of history: a quality guarantee for excellent DOP "Colli Martani" wines  and I.g.p. "Umbria" and "Bettona" ones. Possibility to buy directly in the winery wines and other local food and agricultural products (oil and honey). Winery visits by reservation.
Bianconi Susanna – Valle di Assisi
Loc. Tordandrea 06081 Assisi Tel.+39 075 8044580 Fax +39 075 8044709
 Web  Email
  Among the green hills of Assisi was founded the estate of Susan Bianconi, Valle di Assisi, fascinating and seductive place, where kindness and hospitality coexist with the resort's comfort and the modern business facilities. Staying in the Valle of Assisi means getting in touch with the estate's farm, tasting its fine wines and olive oil, visiting the winery at any time of the year and participating in tastings that highlight the wonderful relationship with a generous and pure land. The estate covers 70 hectares. Winery visits on reservation.
Az. Agr. Saio
Via della Passerella, 9 06081 ASSISI - (PG) Tel: +39 075/812940 Fax: +39 075/8019780; Web:      email Mencarelli family's friendly reception, the surprise to be guided through the vineyards to discover the secrets of viticulture and together the pleasure of tasting a good glass of wine in front of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. This is the farm SAIO; 20 hectares of vineyards and olive groves on the slopes of Subasio Mount in which the experience, tradition and enthusiasm for these ancient cultures are combined to the best technologies. Saio offers small productions from indigenous grapes such as Sangiovese and Grechetto and from international grape varieties like Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In the elegant and airy tasting room, converted from an old country house, SAIO wines meet the territory tastes, an excellent opportunity to learn more about Umbria and the fascinating world of wine. Winery visits on reservation.
After leaving Assisi runs through the SS147 / SR147 following the signs for Spello. Spello owes everything to ancient Rome: the ten gates, the Augustan walls, the arches, the amphitheater are still there to witness the splendor of the Julia Hispellum colony, which now offers tourists a number of extraordinary paintings and frescoes. Bound access point to the town is the great Porta Consolare. A little further on, going on the right we find the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, in the Baglioni Chapel, home to a tiles floor of the sixteenth century and to three of the finest frescoes by Pinturicchio: "The Annunciation", "The Nativity" and "The dispute between Jesus and the doctors." Continuing going up appear the Church of St. Andrew, from the thirteenth century and the Republic Square, overlooked by many restaurants, painters' shops and the old Town Hall built in 1270.  Once in the highest quarter of the city, the Posterula, begins the descent towards the Belvedere where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the valley. Keeping going down we arrive to the second Roman monumental gate, Porta Venere, that takes its name from its location in the direction of a Venus' temple, in the area of Villa Fidelia.
Wineries to visitSportoletti Ernesto e Remo 
Via Lombardia, 1 06038 SPELLO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 651461 Fax: +39 0742 652349
Web Email It is a family business that has always worked in the agricultural sector. To enhance the winery tradition, handed down from father to son for generations, in 1979 the company decided to market his first specific label. Currently has about 20 hectares of vineyards on the hills of Assisi and Spello, on a highly suited land. In the last years it has taken steps to initiate a renewal gradual process of the vineyards, with the introduction of new clones of vines that meet the needs of the market for the production of highly competitive wine. Winery visits by reservation.
Leaving Spello take the SS75 towards Foligno-Bevagna and take the exit at Foligno North, and then continue in the direction of Bevagna. Of Roman origins, the town now has the appearance of the medieval development result. A must is the Piazza Silvestri where stands the Gothic Palace of the Consuls, place, singularly, in oblique respect to the roads and the churches of St. Sylvester (1195 AD) and St. Michael the Archangel, the fountain, which completes the scene of this square, is a remake of the nineteenth century. The city walls and the gates of the medieval town are well preserved. Moreover there are evidence of Bevagna's Roman origin: the remains of a second century AD temple on which was erected the medieval church of Our Lady of the Snows, the Roman Theatre (second century AD), which stays as foundation of a circular block along the ancient Flaminia and the considerable remains of mosaics belonging, perhaps, to a thermal building reporting sea animals representations.
Wineries to visitAz. Agricola Dionigi 
Vocabolo Madonna della Pia, 92 , Loc. Castelbuono 06031 BEVAGNA - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 360395 Fax: +39 0742 369147. Web Email
 The Dionigi Winery produces wine since 1896 when Gabriele moved with his family from Petrignano to Assisi, to these picturesque hills in the territory of Bevagna identifying immediately the type of crop most suitable, the vine. We are in one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of Umbria, in the town of Bevagna, in a hilly area surrounded by woods. The vineyards are exposed to the sun for most of the day, lying on a gentle hill: such a favorable location ensures an optimal production of high quality grapes. Even today the descendants of Gabriele cultivate vines and make wine with the same enthusiasm and passion that has been handed down. Visits 8.30am/7.00pm every day, preferably by appointment.
Fattoria Colleallodole 
Voc. Colleallodole , Loc. Colleallodole 06031 BEVAGNA - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 360371 - +39 335 8342207 Fax:+39 0742 361897 
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 The company, which covers an area of about 7 hectares of vineyards for about 30 years has  managed by Milziade Antano, with the help of his family. The vineyards, on clay soils and, rich in minerals, have been planted since 1975, with the area's classic grapes, Sagrantino and Sangiovese. The vinification is made according to tradition, and the wines are aged in oak barrels before being bottled and marketed. In 1993 Mr. Antano built a new structure where to keep the bottled wines for several months before reaching the market. Visits every day, 9.00am - 7.00pm, preferably by appointment.
Located on top of a hill, is in the center of the valleys of the Topino of the Clitunno and Tiber rivers. Originally was probably a rural village inhabited by Umbrian. From 1180 there are records of the castrum Cocoroni that already in the twelfth century was a free municipality. At the end of 1249 the name was changed from Coccorone in Montefalco and this, according to local tradition, in honor of Frederick II whose passion for hunting with the pilgrim hawk (Falco pellegrino) was known. Montefalco acquired the title of city in 1848 during this time the municipal area was enlarged with the aggregation of Castelli di Fabbri, Fratta and San Luca. Are still recognizable in the urban setting the oldest core and the medieval castrum, developed in concentric rings around the Circular Square, from which branch off the main streets of the city. We recommend to start your visit from St. Augustine Gate, the principal of the four gates of the walls. Taking Corso Mameli, we reach the Church of St. Augustine and finally we come to Piazza del Comune, located at the center of the town, surrounded by the sumptuous residences of noble families dominated by the Town Hall Building. Nearby there is the most interesting monument of Montefalco, the Civic Museum, housed since 1895 in the former Church of St. Francis, which houses works by artists from Umbria, as well as a cycle of frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli and Perugino. Not far, worthy of note are the Church of San Bartolomeo, a medieval parish church rebuilt in the seventeenth century and the Church of St. Clare of Montefalco, a splendid example of Baroque architecture.
Wineries to visitAgricola Tiburzi Gustavo 
Zona Art. Pietrauta 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 379864 Fax 0742 379864  
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 The company is named after its founder, Tiburzi Gustavo Cavaliere del Lavoro, who has been for 50 years active entrepreneur of central Italy in the meats and cold cuts field. The company is located in Montefalco, three kilometers from the historic center, in a strategic transition position for the Umbrian food and wine tourism. The vineyards are situated at about 450 m above sea level cover an area of 8.00 hectares. They all have a density of more than 6,000 vines per hectare and are located in the DOC territory in a uniform way to capture all possible climates and all possible nuances of this incredible land. The varieties planted are all red grapes. Visits from Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, preferably by appointment.
Arnaldo Caprai 
Loc. Torre 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 378802 Fax: +39 0742 378422   
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Company founded by an entrepreneurial idea of Arnaldo Caprai in 1971. Over the years there has been an assertion of the estate's wines, by a managerial conducting, supported by research and experimentation and attested by prestigious national awards. Visits from Monday to Friday 9.00 am- 12.00 pm/ 3.00 – 5.00 pm, by reservation.
Az. Agricola Fratelli Tocchi 
Poggio Turri, 1, Loc. Montefalco 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742/379287-379767 Fax: +39 0742 354463          Email  Web
 The history of our winery starts in the last foundation year, 2002, made by the owners Damiano and Domenico Tocchi with the name of Cantina Poggio Turri. Our goal is to continue the family ancient tradition founded in 1840 by our ancestor Benedetto Tocchi and continued until today. Visits every day from 9 am to 7 pm, preferably by appointment.
Azienda Agraria Scacciadiavoli 
Loc. Cantinone, 31 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 371210 Fax: +39 0742 378272. 
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 It's one of the oldest companies in the area of Montefalco. The name comes from an ancient village located close to the farm, where lived an exorcist, named Scacciadiavoli. The business dimension is 130 hectares 28 of which are planted with vineyards and the winery, built in the second half of the nineteenth century and recently renovated, is equipped with modern facilities. "Sola fides", great confidence, imprinted on the emblem which is located on the front of the winery, is the theme, the feeling and the belief that the land will reward the daily work with products of great character and quality. Visit from Monday to Friday, 8.30 am- 6.00 pm Saturday and Sunday by appointment.
Az. Agricola Antonelli San Marco 
Loc. San Marco, 59 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 371063 Fax: +39 0742 379158.
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  San Marco de Corticellis was a Lombard cohort. From the thirteenth to the nineteenth century it belonged to the Bishop of Spoleto, as evidenced by a document of the thirteenth century, preserved in the bishop archive of Spoleto. In 1881 Francesco Antonelli purchased the property and started big changes, including the installation of specialized vineyards. In 1979 he started the bottling and marketing of wines that, until then, were mainly wholesale sold. 
Visits from Monday to Saturday, 8.30 am- 12.30 pm/ 2.30 – 6.30 pm, preferably by appointment.
Az. Agraria Fongoli 
Fraz. San Marco , Loc. San Marco 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 378930 Fax: +39 0742 371273. Email  Web
 In the heart of Umbria, in a beautiful environmental setting, extends Fongoli family's estate which for over 70 years has dedicated to vine's cultivation, since Decio Fongoli Calvani bought the estate of San Marco and gave rise to what very quickly became a acknowledged family inheritance. Visits from Monday to Friday: 9.00 am – 12.30 pm / 2.30 – 5.00 pm; Saturday, 9.00 am – 12.30 pm, preferably by appointment.
Azienda Agraria Perticaia 
Via Santa Chiara – 06036 Montefalco Tel. +39 0742 920328 fax +39 0742 928119 Web:
The land owned by the Agricultural Company Perticaia extends for 20 hectares, 14 of which are mostly new plant vineyards and 2 hectares is olive groves. The name "Perticaia" in the Umbrian dialect means plow, which has always been a symbol tool of agricultural activity. The land, located in the town of Montefalco at an altitude between 300 and 350 meters, is mostly medium-mixture, rich in texture, with excellent drainage capacity. The 60% of the vineyard area is planted with the grape Sagrantino, while the remaining 40% is planted with Sangiovese, Merlot, Colorino and Cabernet. The produced wines are  "DOCG Montefalco Sagrantino" and "DOC Montefalco Rosso". The storage and vinification winery, recently built, is placed inside a farm, while the small barrels of French oak aging is carried out in the eighteenth century winery located in the medieval village of Gualdo Cattaneo. Winery visits by appointment.
Cantina Di Filippo
Vocabolo Conversino, 153 06033 CANNARA (PG) Tel. +39 0742.731242 Fax.+39 0742.72310
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 It was Italo Di Filippo that gave a strong impetus for a company known as a symbol of the area. The sons Roberto and Emma, now, have exported the family name in the world. The company's territory covers 30 hectares of vineyards, perched on hills, beautifully displayed in the sun, half way between Torgiano and Montefalco: from the winery can be seen in all its splendor, the town of Assisi, which seems to protect the vineyards.  Here passion is combined with a view of culture that looks to the organic and biodynamic, not as a trend, but as a philosophy of life. Wine tours by appointment
Cantina Còlpetrone – Saiagricola
Via Ponte la Mandria, 8/1 , Loc. Marcellano 06030 Gualdo Cattaneo
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Located in Gualdo Cattaneo, in a unique environmental context, in the most suited area to the production of DOC and DOCG wines of Montefalco, Còlpetrone increased from the initial 4.5 hectares to the current 140. The Sagrantino grape native to this area, is one of Italy's oldest grape and richest of tannins and polyphenols. For this reason therefore requires a very careful process that enhances strength and uniqueness, and that ensures the right balance and elegance. Parallel to the development of new vineyards has risen Còlpetrone enterprise center, with a total area of approximately 3,200 m2 in the style of the typical buildings of the place. Winery visits: Mon-Fri 9:am-12pm 2pm-5pm weekends by appointment
Azienda Agricola Bocale 
via Fratta Alzatura Loc.Madonna della Stella 06036 Montefalco
  Arriving in Montefalco in the twenties of the twentieth century, the Valentini family immediately dedicated itself to agriculture, with particular attention to the vine and milling of the olives,which are grown on the rolling hills of Alzatura's territory. A bond, the one with the generous products of those lands, which strengthens year after year, so much to deserve the nickname of Boccale, a dialect term that indicates the two liters capacity pitcher for wine and oil. The history's thread is reflected today by the new generations, who are enthusiastically dedicated to the production of wine, renewing the work of a time with a small five hectares farm named Bocale.  Reservation is recommended for winery visits.
Cantina San Clemente
Loc. Polzella- 06036 Montefalco Tel. +39 0742 379164 Fax. +39 0742 371433
Web  Email Young and dynamic company, always committed to promotion of Umbrian vineyards products, and in complete harmony with the environment and the traditions of the region. Top wines are Sagrantino, cultivated and harvested in the estate of San Clemente which the winery takes its name from and Spumante Brut Grechetto. Winery visits by appointment
Cantina Novelli
Loc. Le Predelle 06036 Montefalco –PG- Tel +39 0744 803301 Fax. +39 0744-814345
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Surrounded by vineyards and an oak trees grove, Novelli Winery is located in the beautiful hills' setting of Montefalco, and nearby cities and towns rich in art and history. The winery covers an area of 3000 square meters, 600 of which are reserved for the accommodation. Inside Novelli's properties, extended on 800 hectares, about 56 have been selected for the cultivation of grapes: the vineyards for the red wine production are in Montefalco (30 hectares), while the ones for white wine production are in Spoleto (26 hectares). The research and experimentation in the vineyard and in the winery with the best available technology are the foundations on which is based the quality of the work. Winery visits from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm Sundays and Saturdays' afternoon by appointment.
Terre de la Custodia
 Loc. Palombara 06035 Gualdo Cattaneo-PG- Tel +39 0742.92951 Fax +39 0742.929595
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  Owned by a family of Umbrian farmers since 1780, Farchioni family, successfully devoted to agricultural activity, ranging from the classic Umbrian agriculture elements like cereals, oil and vine, to a great industrial history. In 2004 was inaugurated in Gualdo Cattaneo, the new winery that took the name Terre de la Case, where have been planted many new vineyards of Grechetto, Red and Sagrantino di Montefalco in accordance with the Umbrian varietal terroir. Taking on this initiative, the Farchioni Family, fully aware of the enormous economic effort involved, did not leave anything to chance, but creating a winery equipped with the latest technologies and an extraordinary team of men, led by the oenologist, Mr. Riccardo Cotarella , has continued to work with passion, professionalism and modesty. 2010 new in Terre de la Case winery: ... his classic method sparkling wine from Sangiovese grapes vinified "Rosé". Winery visits by appointment
Accommodations:Cantina Lungarotti 
Viale Giorgio Lungarotti 2 , 06089 TORGIANO - (PG) Tel: +39 075 988661 Fax: +39 075 9886650;
Bianconi Susanna – Valle di Assisi
Loc. Tordandrea 06081 Assisi Tel.+39 075 8044580 Fax +39 075 8044709  Email
Az. Agricola Antonelli San Marco 
Loc. San Marco, 59 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 371063 Fax: +39 0742 379158; Email:
Az. Agricola Fratelli Tocchi 
Poggio Turri, 1 , Loc. Montefalco 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742/379287-379767 
Fax:+39  0742 354463; Email:
Arnaldo Caprai 
Loc. Torre 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 378802 Fax: +39 0742 378422;
Az. Agraria Fongoli 
Fraz. San Marco , Loc. San Marco 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 378930 Fax: +39 0742 371273; Email:
Cantina Còlpetrone – Saiagricola
Via Ponte la Mandria, 8/1 , Loc. Marcellano 06030 Gualdo Cattaneo
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Dining:Cantina Lungarotti 
Viale Giorgio Lungarotti 2- 06089 TORGIANO - (PG) Tel: +39 075 988661 Fax: +39 075 9886650;
Bianconi Susanna – Valle di Assisi
Loc. Tordandrea 06081 Assisi Tel.+39 075 8044580 Fax +39 075 8044709  Email
Az. Agricola Antonelli San Marco 
Loc. San Marco, 59 06036 MONTEFALCO - (PG) Tel: +39 0742 371063 Fax: +39 0742 379158; Email:
Cantina Còlpetrone – Saiagricola
Via Ponte la Mandria, 8/1 , Loc. Marcellano 06030 Gualdo Cattaneo
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SURROUNDED BY NATURE AND ITS PRODUCTS: Sipping wine along the Tiber River

RIVER TIBER FLUVIAL PARK The Park of Tiber River includes important territories along the path of the Tiber from Montemolino (Montecastello Vibio) near Todi to the lake of Alviano. Its development along the Tiber River is about 50 km long and includes the towns of Montecastello of Vibio, Todi, Baschi, Orvieto, Montecchio, Guardea and Alviano. In more recent times, between 1959 and 1962 by the damming of the waters of the Tiber was created an artificial basin, which gave birth to Lake of Corbara. The basin of the lake has an area of 10-13 square kilometers, an average depth of 30-40 meters and a capacity of 207 million square meters of water. During this trip we will visit the wineries members of  Umbria Wine Tourism Movement that contribute to the life of the Park, turning into "divine nectar" what nature offers.
According to legend when the works for the construction of the city were in progress on the banks of the Tiber river, an eagle came while the men were still eating and with its claws swept the cloth away, leaving it on the highest point of the hill. The inhabitants of the Valley thought that this was a sign of the destiny and that's how they built the city of Todi on the hill. One of its most famous citizen was born in 1236: Jacopone. Important man of the law, when he was 32 years old he religiously converted starting to lead in poverty a monastic life. Starting from the fifteenth century, after a period of serious decline, the city began to flourish again, thanks also to Bishop Angelo Cesi, have been done important urban and architectural works such as the construction of the Fountain of Rua or Cesia, of the Church of the Crucified and of the beautiful Temple of Consolation, located at the foot of the city and completed after his death.
Fraz.Due Santi- Loc. San Rocco 14 06059 Todi-PG- Tel. +39 075.8989102 Fax +39 075.8980971   web
 San Rocco farm covers about 57 hectares on a gentle hill at 350 m. above sea level, facing the city of Todi, which is about 7 Km from. The company productive vocation regards the cereal crops (soft and hard wheat), oilseeds (sunflower seeds), olive growing and viticulture. In order to improve and expand services for clients and visitors, the property is committed to creating a rural development plan which includes grapes local processing with vinification on its own, retail and also typical Umbrian dishes tasting in the farm restaurant that will open soon. Winery visits by appointment.
Loc. Pian di Porto, 146 06059 Todi-PG. Tel. +39 075 8989403 Fax +39 075-8989189 
email  web
 Cooperative consisting of about 300 members, produces wine only from the grapes grown in the district. Founded in 1958 and situated on the slopes of Todi hill, Tudernum winery is today on the wine scene fully developed from years of experience that have also required sacrifices and investments, but which are the basis of today's quality proposal. The winery has always been concerned to the outside world developments being able to create a modern vineyard where is possible to test the ability of the farmers from Todi able to successfully combine the traditions with new technologies of cultivation. Winery visits by appointment
 Fraz. Rosceto Voc.Collina 29/1 -06059 Todi –PG- Tel.+39 075.887122 Fax.+39 075.887231 web
  On the rolling hills, typical of the Umbrian landscape, line up vines rows of different varieties, vines introduced in recent times, added to other existing varieties. The particularly favorable microclimate, the soil composition, the proper care of the land and the care of winegrowers masters have given rise to cultivation of grapes from which are obtained DOC and I.G.T. wines  of high quality. The estate covers 300 hectares of arable land and 25 of DOC vineyards. It's part of the "Colli Martani" D.O.C. area adjacent to "Montefalco" and the "Colli Perugini" ones. Winery Tours by appointment
CORBARA and its lake After the destruction of Nocera (216 BC) by Hannibal, part of the surviving population moved to nearby areas awaiting the reconstruction of the town that took thirty years, which was funded by the Senate of Rome to repay Nocera of loyalty to Rome itself. During this period, probably, is supposed to have taken form the bulk of the residential complex that then became Corbara. With the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy, in 1860, Corbara preserved his autonomy maintained even during the Fascist period, period in which the most important towns had been deleted or combined for electioneering-political   will. In 1943 the invading German troops occupied Corbara which was partly destroyed by the allied bombing and rebuilt with the generous remittances from emigrants. Among the DOC wines are included the Red Corbara Lake, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir. For nature lovers it's possible to walk along the shores of the lake, to visit the Gole del Forello ( Tiber karst creeks) and the beautiful caves that open on the sides of the lake.
Loc. Corbara, 7 05018 ORVIETO  Tel. +39 0763 304035 Fax. +39 0763 304035 Web
 The company for nearly forty years has been offering a wine heritage of large value, with about 1000 hectares of vineyards located at altitudes ranging between 100 and 350 meters above sea level, with an excellent exposure and plant material of particular interest and currently under study and research. Equipped with a modern winery designed for a vinification of precision it's planning the recovery of the ancient aging wineries located in the basement of the medieval castle, symbol of the company from Corbara . Winery visits by appointment
 Loc. Fossatello, 50 05019 Orvieto Tel. +39 0763-308255 Fax. +39 0763-308118 Web
 The winery is located on a hill facing the cliff of Orvieto, in the heart of the Orvieto Classico production area. The special and privileged position of the company determines perfect conditions for a quality production. Climate, microclimate and sun exposure are particularly suited to the vine cultivation, as well as the soil of marine origin, marl and clay, rich in oyster and shells fossils from the Pliocene epoch. Winery visits by appointment
 Orvieto origins date back to Etruscan times: the first settlements, are from the ninth century BC and have been found inside the tufa caves dug into the cliff upon which today rises the town. After being annexed in Rome during the third century BC, it remained under its domination until the decline of the West Roman Empire. Later it became a free town, and during the struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines, was a valiant opponent of Barbarossa, remaining faithful to the Pope. Strong of the Papal States consideration, Orvieto flourished throughout the Middle Ages, reaching its peak of development in the thirteenth century with the establishment of the General Council of the 400 and the election of the Captain of the People. During this period there was a fervent work of construction of palaces and religious buildings among which the famous cathedral, which dates back to 1263, that, with its stunning Gothic facade and the decorations and the inside chapels richness, is the greatest architectural evidence in the city. In the town we also find the old St. Patrick's Well, built in 1527 and designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, the Palazzo dei Sette from the fourteenth century, the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo (twelfth century) in which People's Council meetings were held, the churches of St. Andrew (XII century), San Domenico (XIII century), St. Juvenal (XI century) and Palazzo Soliano (1262) in which are housed two museums: the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo and the Museum of Modern Art. We also remember the striking Underground City and the Necropolis of the Tuff Crucifix from the Etruscan period.
Wineries to visit:
Loc. Cardeto, Sferracavallo - 05018 Orvieto Tel. +39 0763-341286 Fax. +39 0763-344123  Web
  The winery was founded in 1949, it has about 880 hectares, all planted in mainly white grapes vineyards. Under the brand Cardeto work about 400 members, wine producers for many generations. The Winery has always been committed to safety and products quality, in compliance with the food industry rules. To achieve these goals, Cardeto has defined its Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001 and integrated with the health self-control system, in conformity with national regulations and standards recognized by the English, French and German Retail. A trained enthusiastic and friendly staff, will be happy to meet you! Winery visits by appointment.
Loc. La Sala 05016 FICULLE  Tel.Cantina +39 0763.86127 Tel. Castello +39 0763 86051 
Fax. +39 0763.86491 Email Web
 For the past 26 generations quantified in 600 years, the Antinori family has been passionately dedicating to wine production in Umbria and Tuscany. The estate of Castello della Sala today covers a total area of 500 hectares, of which 160 hectares of vineyard, planted at 200 - 400 meters above sea level, on a clay soil, rich in fossils from the Pliocene of sedimentary and volcanic origin. About 8 hectares are covered with olive trees for the production of extra virgin olive oil for domestic use . The Castello della Sala's wines that require aging, are aged in French oak barrels in the medieval cellars 30 feet below the castle which dates from the fourteenth century.
Loc. Rocca Ripesena, 68 05019 ORVIETO Tel. +39 0763 344921 Fax. +39 0763-394833 Web
  In 1969 Angelo Dubini and his wife Maria Locatelli bought Palazzone farm starting with the renovation of country houses, begun the conversion of what, then, was an almost abandoned location. On the Rocca Ripesena hilly land of clayey and sedimentary origin, with an exciting view on the cliff of Orvieto, have been planted 25 hectares of vineyards to produce wines of great complexity and character. In 1988 the company arrived, with the construction of a new winery, to vinify the whole production and to organize the placing on the market, making "Palazzone" one of the most significant reality among the wines of Umbria. Winery visits by appointment
 Via Michelangeli, 8 05019 ORVIETO Tel +39 0763 341820  Fax +39 0763 340773 Web
 The company has a total area of 75 hectares, of which about 50 hectares of specified vineyards, as well as olive groves and other minor crops. The clay-limestone nature of the Company's soils, their hilltop position, the microclimate, positively influenced by the lake beneath, which acts as a heat storage preventing sudden changes in temperature, continuous experimentation and agronomical application, allow the production of grapes of excellent quality, the essential premise to obtain excellent wines. The vinification is carried out separately for each vineyard, with absolute respect for their different characteristics. Winery visits by appointment
Loc. San Pietro 05020 Montecchio  Tel +39 0744 9556 Fax +39 0744 950725
 The Falesco winery was founded in 1979, one of the first objectives was to work to recover the ancient vineyards of the area. The territory, over the centuries, had enjoyed a reputation that came from its outstanding wines, exclusive of papal and old aristocracy's tables, but from many decades, it was in a worrying state of abandon. The vineyards stretch for about 280 hectares along the area that goes from the Lake of Bolsena to the hills around  Orvieto. Falesco Company production is characterized by two lines of products, distinguished by the area of origin. The "Lazio line" includes the production of the Lazio region, in Montefiascone area in Viterbo Province, while the "Umbria line" refers to territories in  Montecchio and Orvieto areas. Winery visits by appointment
Voc. Pomarro, 45 05011 Allerona Tel +39 0763 624604  Fax +39 0763 629800 
  Argillae farm stretches on the hills between Allerona and Ficulle northwest of Orvieto on an area of about 258 hectares, 70 of which are in vineyards. The territory is composed by clayey-sandy soils, characterized by the presence of special geological formations called "badlands". The company philosophy is expressed in the choice of the name "Argillae", knowing that to produce a wine and a fine oil, we must start by choosing a suited land. This was discovered after long research, in a unique site, located in Orvieto area and thanks to the structure and the exposure, it's particularly suitable for high quality production. Winery visits by appointment
Loc. Le Velette, 23 - 05018 Orvieto Tel  +39 0763 29090 Fax +39 0763 29144
Email tenuta.le.velette@libero.itWeb
 The convenient location of the land, exposed to the sun rays from sunrise to sunset has always promoted the vine cultivation. The microclimate and the tuffaceous soil are also factors extraordinarily favorable to the cultivation of grapes and olives. All wines are bottled directly in the farm by the winemaker. Le Velette Estate products are therefore the exclusive result of their highly specialized vineyards' grapes and of a work done in the most careful observance of traditions. Winery visits by appointment
Viale Venere Loc.Canale 05018 Orvieto Tel O763- 29053 Fax O763- 29305  Email
  The estate of the company covers about 70 hectares, 37 of vineyards, at least half of them produces Orvieto Classico DOC grapes, while the rest is used for the production of Sangiovese and other not native high quality vines such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, all derived from careful clonal selections. In 2003 was built the winery above a natural terrace overlooking the cliff and the Cathedral, from which have been "borrowed" the paving stones and roof trusses, as if seeking a direct link with the city. In fact until 2003 the farm used to give the harvest to the cooperative winery and therefore did not produce the wine inside. Only in 2004, the year of investments the production began. Winery visits by appointment
Loc. Fossatello, 50 - 05019 Orvieto T. 0+39 763-308255 F.0+39 763 308118 
The company is located on the hills between Todi and Orvieto. Decugnano is the name that for at least eight centuries marks the area where the company is located. The continuous research aims to further improvements in quality, respect for nature, love of work, consideration for the tradition, all this makes  Decugnano dei Barbi not only a wine but also the expression of a culture and a lifestyle. The company has always believed in the culture of hospitality and this philosophy in recent years has resulted in the decision to devote part of the structure to accommodate the guests. Winery visits by appointment
 A charming town built on gentle, rolling and bright hills, colorful by the many species of plants growing there, reaches its maximum altitude in the Monte Croce di Serra 1000 m above sea level. Impressive and of great interest is the Rio Grande stream that crosses all the Amelia area; near Amelia town, by a thirteenth century dam called the Para, the stream creates a lake basin called Lago Vecchio. Is recommended to visit the Tower Palombara , built to produce the fertilizer supplied by doves or wild pigeons; the Four Gate at the entrance of the city: Porta Romana, the majestic one, Porta Leone IV, from the Pope that restructured it, Porta Posterola and Porta della Valle of considerable importance because it used to lead directly to the heart of the city.
Loc. Fornole di Amelia 05022 Amelia T. +39 0744 989721 F. +39 0744 989695
  The Cantina dei Colli Amerini was born in 1975, aiming to uncover and enhance this richness that up to that time had expressed only minimally. Its 350 hectares of vineyard have become an evidence and a synthesis of the territory huge potential. Over the time, the number of members of the winery has been increasing, reaching 278 members. In an ideal altitude combination, microclimates, soils, here is an extraordinary varieties and vineyards heritage that have been historically evolving, demonstrating how the area vocation to vine has ancient roots. Winery visits by appointment
via Tiberina 1435 Loc. Narni Scalo (TR) T.+39 0744 759031 F.+39 0744 759031 Web
 Located between San Gemini and Narni, in a particularly privileged position, it develops into a complex which includes Farm, Restaurant and the Tenuta dei Marchesi Fezia Winery. The company has an area of approximately 280 hectares 30 of which are planted with vineyards. In the winery, recently renovated, is made the whole production cycle of the wine, vinification, bottling and aging. The structure uses only thermo controlled stainless steel barrel. Winery visits by appointment
Loc. Valle Antica, 280 - 05029 Sangemini T.+39 0744 243454 F.+39 0744 242869 Web
 The property covers about 200 hectares 15 of which are in vineyards. The whole vinification process up to the bottling is executed with care and professionalism by expert enologists, who use advanced tools and techniques in the careful respect for tradition . Vallanta also provides, given the magnitude of its spaces, its rooms for the realization of conferences and meetings and promote training courses for the approach to the world of wine and oil. Winery visits by appointment
Via di Castelluccio – Loc. Le Regine 05022 Amelia T. 0744-702005 F.0744-702006 Web
The farm covers 400 hectares around the fortress called Castelluccio Amerino that dominates the valley of the Queens of Narni and Amelia. Currently the company has about 10 hectares of 40 years old vines and 70 hectares of new ones. The harvest is done manually. The sandy-clay soil and the exposure to the south are a perfect combination for a great wine. All around extends the property including a Farm Holidays, a herd of Chianina breed, an olive grove and a hunting reserve. Winery visits by appointment.
 SP Amelia- Orte KM 4, 640
05022- Amelia
Tel. +39 0744970011- +39 0744970089
Fax +39 0744970011
 Località Collina, Fraz. Chioano 06059 TODI TEL. +39 075.8942416 FAX.+39 075.8948754  web www.roccafiore.itCANTINA TUDERNUM
Loc. Pian di Porto, 146 06059 Todi-PG. Tel. 0+39 75 8989403 Fax 0+39 75-8989189 
email  web www.tudernum.itTENUTA SAN ROCCO
Fraz.Due Santi- Loc. San Rocco 14 06059 Todi-PG- Tel. +39 075.8989102 
Fax +39 075.8980971 email   web www.agriturismo-sanrocco.comCASTELLO DI CORBARA
Loc. Corbara, 7 05018 ORVIETO  Tel.+39 0763 304035 Fa.+39 0763 304035 Web www.castellodicorbara.itDECUGNANO DEI BARBI
Loc. Fossatello, 50 05019 Orvieto Tel.+39 0763-308255 Fax.+39 0763-308118
Email Web www.decugnano.itAZIENDA AGRICOLA PALAZZONE
Loc. Rocca Ripesena, 68 05019 ORVIETO Tel. +39 0763 344921 Fax. +39 0763-394833
Email Webwww.palazzone.comAZIENDA AGRICOLA BARBERANI
Via Michelangeli, 8 05019 ORVIETO Tel +39 0763 341820  Fax+39 0763- 340773
Email Web www.barberani.itVINICOLA FALESCO
Loc. San Pietro 05020 Montecchio  Tel +39 0744 9556 Fax+39 0744-950725
Email Web www.falesco.itDECUGNANO DEI BARBI
Loc. Fossatello, 50 - 05019 Orvieto T. +39 0763-308255 F.+39 0763-308118 
via Tiberina 1435 Loc. Narni Scalo (TR) T. +39 0744 759031 F. +39 0744 759031
Email Webwww.tenutamarchesifezia.comVALLANTICA TACCONI OTTELIO
Loc. Valle Antica, 280 - 05029 Sangemini T.+39 0744-243454 F.+39 0744-242869
Email Web www.vallantica.comTENUTA CASTELLO DELLE REGINE
Via di Castelluccio – Loc. Le Regine 05022 Amelia T.+39 0744-702005 F.+39 0744-702006
Località Collina, Fraz. Chioano 06059 TODI TEL. +39 075.8942416 FAX.+39 075.8948754  web www.roccafiore.itTENUTA SAN ROCCO
Fraz.Due Santi- Loc. San Rocco 14 06059 Todi-PG- Tel. +39 075.8989102 
Fax +39 075.8980971 email   web www.agriturismo-sanrocco.comCASTELLO DI CORBARA
Loc. Corbara, 7 05018 ORVIETO  Tel. +39 0763 304035 Fax. +39 0763 304035 
Email Webwww.castellodicorbara.itDECUGNANO DEI BARBI
Loc. Fossatello, 50 05019 Orvieto Tel.+39 0763-308255 Fax.+39 0763-308118
Email Web www.decugnano.itAZIENDA AGRICOLA PALAZZONE
Loc. Rocca Ripesena, 68 05019 ORVIETO Tel.+39 0763 344921 Fax+39 0763-394833
Email Web www.palazzone.comTENUTA LE VELETTE
Loc. Le Velette, 23 - 05018 Orvieto Tel  +39 0763-29090 Fax+39 0763-29144
Email Web www.levelette.itAZIENDA AGRICOLA BARBERANI
Via Michelangeli, 8 05019 ORVIETO Tel +39 0763 341820  Fax +39 0763- 340773 Web www.barberani.itVINICOLA FALESCO
Loc. San Pietro 05020 Montecchio  Tel +39 0744 9556 Fax +39 0744-950725
Email Web www.falesco.itDECUGNANO DEI BARBI
Loc. Fossatello, 50 - 05019 Orvieto T. +39 0763-308255 F.+39 0763-308118 
via Tiberina 1435 Loc. Narni Scalo (TR) T. +39 0744 759031 F. +39 0744 759031
Email Webwww.tenutamarchesifezia.comVALLANTICA TACCONI OTTELIO
Loc. Valle Antica, 280 - 05029 Sangemini T.+39 0744-243454 F.+39 0744-242869
Email Web www.vallantica.comTENUTA CASTELLO DELLE REGINE
Via di Castelluccio – Loc. Le Regine 05022 Amelia T.+39 0744-702005 F.+39 0744-702006


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